About Me

Alright, lets give this a go.

I like memes. You’ll probably see them popping up on here occasionally. They’re my default posts on facebook when I have nothing of interest to say (which is often). Here’s an example:


I love my Xbox with a passion, my computer, and my friends and family… in that order.

I also like brussel sprouts.

I’m currently doing my GCSE’s, but the fact that I set up this blog shows that I’m not taking them particularly seriously. All jokes aside, I’m probably going to make this a weekly thing since I need time for studying etc.

I’m a Christian and I love Jesus. Whoo!


I own four cacti that I’m meant to water regularly. Somehow, they still survive. One of them does, however, look suspiciously like a certain part of the male anatomy that I will not mention for legal reasons.

I have two parents, funnily enough, and a brother. My mum knits, my brother plays guitar and my dad… I’m not really sure what he does. Something to do with sales? I also have several grandparents who’s names and disabilities escape me.

One of my grandmas owns an iPad, she consults me regularly on how to use ‘the safari’ or ‘the FaceTime’. She has never owned a computer in her life and she can videochat with me already.

This scares me.

I own a cat named Archie. He is the most awesome feline being known to man mainly due to his laid back nature. However, he does have the psychological capacity of a toenail clipping and the IQ of a dead goat. This is probably why he’s laid back, he’s far too stupid to get stressed about anything apart from the neighbours fat tabby who pops in on occasion to terrorize my mother.

I will one day open a shop called Gagel’s Bagels and turn it into a multinational corporation that will surpass the likes of the Google and Facebook corporations.

I have a mate called Felix who I talk about memes with. He is a lad.

Well, this is my life, so welcome.

This is Josh, signing out.


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